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Alexander Ehrlich's companies

Because of the diversity of his interests and the many different aspects of his biography, Alexander Ehrlich leads not only one but several different companies that do not compete against each other but are a complementary network of tourism and culture services in Austria and Europe.

Together with a growing multi-skilled and multicultural team, Alexander Ehrlich proposes the following services:

AHRE Austria Guide

The oldest company founded by Alexander Ehrlich was AHRE Austria Guide in 2002. The company takes care of the booking of registered guides in Vienna for bus tours as well as for guided city walks on many interesting topics. Some of the most successful tours provided by AHRE Austria Guide are the "Vienna ghost walk" and the walking tour "Viennese way of life: cafés, carriages, sausages & co.".

Tour operator City Tours

Thanks to the success of his guiding company, Alexander Ehrlich founded the City Tours OG Company with Radosveta Ehrlich in 2005. The company's activity fields gradually expanded until reaching this well-balanced mix: group trip planning, motivation trainings in Austria, guided visit and tour planning, event organization, ticket reservation for any kind of event, bus and minibus rental with driver included, artist management, translation.

City Tours Italy

In july 2011, Alexander Ehrlich founded the company "City Tours Italia S.r.l." in Merano, Italy. City Tours Italia is a company with limited liability and a subsidiary of the Viennese company "City Tours GmbH". City Tours Italia S.r.l. works mostly as an intermediary between customers and bus companies when buying bus transfers in Italy and also organizes sightseeing bus tours, bus excursions and tailor-made motor coach travels all over Italy. City Tours Italia S.r.l. also offers professional tour guides in any language for walking tours and guided bus tours - as well as tour representatives and tour managers who can assist travellers all along their bus trip to any place in Europe.

City Tours Poland

In July 2011, Alexander Ehrlich also created the company "City Tours Polska sp. z o.o." in Krakow, Poland. Just like City Tours Italia S.r.l., City Tours Polska is a company with limited liability and a subsidiary of the company "City Tours GmbH" in Vienna. The main role of City Tours Polska sp. z o.o. is to take care of City Tours's customers during the UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine (bus rental for bus transfers and sightseeing tours, organization of framework programmes during a journey in Poland). Yet this company is planned to go on after the EURO 2012 - especially working in the fields of bus travel organization, sightseeing bus tours and guided tours in Poland.

City Tours Germany

In January 2012, Alexander Ehrlich consolidated his commercial activities in Germany, establishing a branch office called "City Tours GmbH - Deutschland" at Coesfeld (Westphalia). The German branch office of City Tours is specialized in bus rental for transfers and sightseeing tours in Germany and can also help you book a professional German tourguide for guided tours and sightseeing excursions of all kinds anywhere in Germany.

Special branches of City Tours GmbH

The following work departments of City Tours GmbH have their own website and their own management scheme inside the company:

City Design

Founded in 2008 by Alexander Ehrlich and Felicitas Bachner and currently operated by Alexander Ehrlich and Katarina Bachner, the City Design web agency is not to be considered as an independent company but rather as a City Tours independent trademark proposing its own services: web design, online promotion, but also Internet hosting and website creation. When it comes to web site creation, City Design particularly focuses on search engine optimization.

International Translators

Another independent trademark operated by City Tours is the translator platform International Translators, offering various types of translations for many language combinations, delivered by professional translators from Europe and beyond.

If you have any question about the companies of Alexander Ehrlich and their services, please write to . Alexander Ehrlich or one of his partners will be pleased to give you an answer as quickly as possible.


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