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Alexander Ehrlich's upcoming projects

On this page, you can find information about the scheduled projects of Alexander Ehrlich's companies in Austria, Germany, Italy and the rest of Europe. To learn more about the current projects of Alexander Ehrlich and his companies, please visit the existing projects webpage.

Bus transfers in Europe

Beside international bus transfers from Austria to any country in Europe as well as between any two european cities, City Tours proposes bus rental in Austria for sightseeing tours, bus transfers and holidays by bus. Wherever you need to rent a bus, City Tours and its partner bus rental companies would be happy to help you. While some of Alexander Ehrlich's bus rental websites are already translated into English, other translations are still in preparation, among others the websites proposing bus rental service in Graz, Innsbruck, Linz and Salzburg. Once these translations are finished, we will let you know on this website. The same information also applies to our bus rental websites in Berlin, Munich and Dresden as well as to other motorcoach rental websites in Germany.

Rendez-vous ideas from Vienna

City Tours is not only a tour operator, but also an event management agency. As such, its staff consists of experts regarding the planning and organization of special occasions in Vienna, including romantic evenings for lovers. On the "Romantische Ideen" website, there are some suggestions for successful rendez-vous - currently available in German and French only. The English translation is planned and scheduled for September 2012.

Artist agency Austria

Beside tour operator and event management agency, City Tours is also an artist agency that can help you find and hire austrian artists for shows and events anywhere in the world. The artist agency website of City Tours is currently available in German only, the English translation will be published as soon as possible, maybe even before summer 2012.

The projects that are presented on this page are just a part of the future services by Alexander Ehrlich and his companies. The whole company is at your disposal for any enquiry or information request at the following address:


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